WOW! World of Wings Field Trip!

Hey friends!  How is everyone dealing with March Madness?  My class, well, let's just say we were in desperate need of a change of environment.  Last Thursday the entire kindergarten grade level (100+ kids) left the confines of Jersey City and ventured to Teaneck, to visit WOW! World of Wings

Yay! We are here!
Once we arrived and dropped off all of our belongings in the very large banquet hall (where we would later participate in a hands-on activity and have our lunch) we made our way to the Butterfly Atrium.  Chris was our guide for the day and he explained to the kiddos that the butterflies were flying freely around the atrium and there was a possibility that one could land on them while we were walking around.  While some got nervous, the others squealed with excitement!  I was excited too!  Here are some photos of some of the butterflies we met!

Koi Pond inside the Atrium
The kiddos touching a butterfly wing.
Hello there!

Once we toured the Atrium, we made our way back into the banquet hall to make our own butterflies!  Chris gave all the kiddos step-by-step directions on how to create their own butterfly specie using coffee filters, crayons, and pipe cleaners. They got very creative making their butterflies!

"Tiger Butterfly"
"Ms. V, the butterfly flew on my head!"
After the butterfly activity, we had a relaxing lunch and then continued our journey.  I honestly underestimated this place.  There was so much to do!  There were different themed rooms for the kiddos to explore in: the Bubble Room, the Kitchen, an Illusion Room, a Train room, indoor floor scooters, indoor slides, a ball pit room, about 5 different blow-up slides/bounce house (or Jump-Jumps as I call them), and that was just the first floor.  We did not get the chance to visit the 2nd floor due to time constraints, but I heard there were so many more things to do!  The kiddos where definitely engaged the entire time.  Their favorite room: THE BUBBLE ROOM!

 Our last stop after playing in all the play rooms was the reptile area.  There were TONS of different snakes, lizards, chameleons, and turtles.  As a fan of reptiles (excepts snakes), this place had a very impressive collection of these creatures.  Chris took out a lizard for all the kiddos to pet and boy are they brave!  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE KIDDOS wanted to pet the lizard...and they did!  Chris then had the students get into partners, gave them a picture map of all the reptiles they had on display, and sent them on a Reptile Hunt!  What a perfect way to wrap up our visit.

Iggy Iguana

Petting a lizard! The kiddos were not scared one bit!

After the Reptile Hunt, we thanked Chris for showing us a great time and packed up to head back to Jersey City.  I guess the kiddos were so excited from their trip because I don't think any of them fell asleep on the way back.  I almost did!  Field trips are EXHAUSTING.

I really enjoyed the World of Wings and will definitely be making my way back there over Spring break with my nephews. :-)

If you are interested in planning a school trip to WOW! World of Wings, contact Chris (Field Trip Coordinator) at 201-833-4650 (ext:2023).

If you want to take your family and friends, this place is perfect on a rainy day (since everything is mostly indoors), or any day!  I believe I saw a jungle gym outside that I'm sure is open during the warmer months.  Tickets are under $16 for adults and $11 for kids ages 2-11.  WANT FREE TICKETS FOR A FAMILY OF 4?!  Enter the raffle below!  RULES: Please enter if you live in the Tri-State area or will be in the NJ area in the next 6 months.  The tickets expire 7/31/15. Contest ends on April 3rd! Good luck!

Thanks for reading! 

Best wishes and kisses,

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  1. I would bring my husband and my 2 kids (Makayla, 6 and Noah 2 1/2). I think they would love it there.

    PS: I teach kindergarten in Jersey City too!

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