Currently April 2015: SPRING BREAK EDITION!

SPRING BREAK!!!! FINALLY!!  This is my first time linking up for a "Currently..." and it definitely won't be my last!  Thank you Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the linky! :-)

Here goes!

Listening: This particular Johnny Cash song is the intro song to my FAVORITE horror flick "Dawn of the Dead" (remake), which is on TV right now.  FUN FACT:  I am a horror movie fanatic!  Yes, I'm one of those people who attends horror conventions, buys silly knick-knack memorabilia of my favorite horror movies, and pays for autographs and photos with actors no one really knows of. Except for Norman Reedus. That was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Loving: I'm so in LOVE with my new blog button design.  Thanks to Laine from "A Little Peace of Africa" for all her creativity, promptness, and patience in working with me for both my business card and blog button design.  She had the design for my business card in HOURS ya'll! My blog hour!  She's amazing!  Here is the link to her TpT Store and her Instagram.  Oh, and of course, here is my blog button!  I'll post the business cards on MY Instagram once they come in.  SOOOOOOO EXCITING!

Thinking: I have a new idea for a product I want to post in my store. I also really need to finish up two products I've been working on for my TpT store.  One is a fun naming part/action part activity that my students actually helped me create, and another is one I've yet to finish from September.  I have a week off, so no more excuses! Also, grad school starts again next month :-/ Time is precious people!

Wanting: Tieks flats!  But with other expenses for LIFE in general, I can't find it in me to splurge on these.  But I want them!  They are so pretty! :-D

Needing: MOTIVATION!  Mostly to clean my apartment. I had the floors redone and the walls painted in my bedroom over two weeks ago and things are still not back in their proper place. ::SIGH:: Guess I'll get it done during the week. Someone check in on me with this! ;-)

Name: You need to be a kind of crazy to be a teacher, but you HAVE to be a special kind of "krazy" to be a kindergarten teacher.  It's a requirement.  Don't you think my fellow kinder teachers?  I taught first grade for a year, and it just wasn't my thing. Kinder is where my heart is and always will be.

Thanks for reading!  See ya next month for Currently May!

Best wishes & kisses,

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  1. Hi! I totally agree with your "thinking" - I've been working on a product for what seems like months and can't find the motivation to get it done! Your name is so true to what you do as Kindergarten teachers - I have an endorsement to teach kindergarten in our state but know what a job it is and how much you guys do to make those kids really for us in first grade. You are appreciated and what you do as a Kindergarten teacher is incredible!


  2. A special kind of crazy indeed, sister. Glad you have it, too :) See you around! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

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