Miss V's Classroom Music Playlist!

Hey everyone!  Yesterday I uploaded a photo on my Instagram that got LOTS of requests for a blog post, so by demand of my audience, here it is!

In February 2015, I attended an amazing workshop given by two wonderful ladies in charge of the Special Education department in my school district.  I learned so many new tips and tricks to bring back to my classroom and implement right away!  One AWESOME freebie they handed out was a CD loaded with music to play when the students arrive to the classroom in the morning and one for when you are packing up to go home.  Let me tell you, this CD saved my sanity!

We have breakfast in the classroom daily, so it takes a good 15-20 minutes for the kids to unpack their belongings and eat.  Before I started playing music in the AM, some kiddos would lethargically go through the motions of their morning routine.  Others would come in talking a mile a minute and take F O R E V E R to unpack and get settled.  That all changed when I started playing my "Good Morning" music.

I didn't start this music routine until mid-February.  I remember the first day I played it, a few of the kids reactions were priceless.  One student said "Are we having a celebration today?".  Another whispered, "Miss V forgot to turn off her music before we got here!"  I explained to them that we would listen to a few songs every morning while we unpacked and ate breakfast so our day can start happy and cheerful. One kiddo replied "This is a nice song Ms. V! It sounds happy so it makes me happy!" This is one of the many reasons I love teaching kindergarten. :-)  

After a few weeks, I would say the kids knew the songs pretty well.  That is when I would use the songs as cues as to when they should start cleaning up their breakfast.  After a month, I would cue them at the beginning of a song as a warning that when the song was over, they had to be cleaned up and seated at their desk in the listening position.  By the time April rolled around, I would hear the kiddos say "the song just started, you better start cleaning up!" before I even gave them the cue. Incredible! The "Good Morning" playlist is listed below:

My other favorite part: by June, a lot of the kids knew the words to the songs.  I LOVE that they sing along to these amazing oldies!

Here is my "See Ya Later" playlist, which I play when we are packing up to go home:

Fun, right? 

I scored this CD at a local thift shop for $1.49! I LOVE THE BEATLES!

CLICK HERE to purchase it on Amazon.  They have an MP3 version you can download directly to your computer.

This year I will be also be mixing in some other music that I believe will be great for morning exercises! I know I need a good stretch before I begin the day sometimes. Especially if didn't sleep well the night before.  I know you're nodding your head in agreement right now. This can be fun to incorporate during your morning routine.

CLICK HERE to buy Good Morning Exercises for Kids on Amazon.com

CLICK HERE to buy Greg & Steve: We All Live Together Vol. 1 on Amazon.com  My favorite song from Greg & Steve is Loop D'Loo. My nephew laughs hysterically whenever he hears it! :-)

I hope you found this helpful!  Thanks for stopping by my friends. As always, questions and comments are welcomed.  Warm fuzzies make my heart SING! See you later, alligators!

Best wishes & kisses,

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I play the Balmorhea pandora channel during writing and they call it their thinking music. Now we can have good morning music too! :)

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  3. This playlist is awesome. I'm adding all of these songs to my files and I can't wait to play them in my classroom.

    Texas Teaching Gal

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