Udderly Smooth in the Classroom

Hey everyone!  I'm back again with ANOTHER awesome product I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Raise your hand if any of these questions are true in your daily life as a teacher:

1. Do you wash your hands half a million times a day? 
2. Do you use hand sanitizer a million times a day?
3. Do your hands usually feel dry and thirsty for a cream or lotion after you wash them or use sanitizer?
4. Do you wish there was a cream or lotion that existed that actually kept your hands moisturized until you washed them again?

You are in luck because I know the PERFECT product that will keep your hands UDDERLY moisturized...Udderly Smooth Hand Creams and Lotions are here to save your hands!

In my kindergarten classroom, I have a special table next to my teacher aide's desk that is used for various ways: The VIP Table, one-on-one assessment desk, but it is mostly used as a "Sanitation Station"!  We have a bottle of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes for the tables, tissues, and a tub of Udderly Smooth cream.  Usually after we use the other products, our hands feel dry and in desperate need of hand cream, which is why I added the Udderly Smooth Body Cream to our "Sanitation Station".  The cream is free of any dyes and fragrance, so it is safe for all the little ones hands.

I also have used the cream as "Calming Cream", for the kids to use just a dab of and rub on their temples right before a test or if we have a kiddo who needs to relax a bit from being wound up. The Udderly Smooth stress reliever Cow is also helpful when we have a kiddo that needs to chillax for a moment. 

I also gifted a bottle of the Udderly Smooth Hand and Body Lotion to our school clerks in the main office, two in which have eczema and have been looking for a lotion that would help their sensitive skin. Boy do they love me now!  When I told them they could pick up at bottle at their local Walmart, they loved me even more!

Ms. Liz loves the hand and body lotion!

Would you like an awesome Udderly Smooth prize package AND a $50 gift card to Walmart?  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below!  Trust me, you want all the Udderly Smooth you can get to prep for those cold winter months ahead.

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