"Moving On" and other stuff...

It's only appropriate for me to go live with only 4 days left in the school year.  Thanks to all the snow days we had this winter, our last day isn't until June 26!  AND I signed up for summer school, so I won't have my month long weekend until the end of July.  OY VEY! 

I'm new to the blogger world, so please be kind!  I will use this blog as often as I must (especially to explain lessons, activities, etc in detail), but I will update most on my Instagram @missveeskinderkraziness, so make sure you follow me!  Tell your teacher friends!  Tell your mom friends!  Tell your family!  SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!  

Anywho, this is my 5th year in kindergarten (but my first year as a K teacher at a public school) and it's been one for the books.  I've had fantastic students in the past, but THIS year, my students and I just CLICKED.  Teaching them was a priviledge everyday that I will treasure for a long time.  They were team-players, they were kind, smart, and they loved, loved, LOVED to talk!  Not just talk about nonsense, but about what they were learning!  I wish I had started this blog back in September just so I could post some of the conversations I eavesdropped on during the year.

I've never been more proud to announce their names on stage this morning.  They were no longer my kindergarteners, but FIRST GRADERS!  Once the ceremony was over, we signed our memory books (link below for the memory book we used from TPT), had some ice cream, watched a short movie, and had an extended recess.  They wanted to use the chalk because WHY NOT?!  Take a look at their sidewalk chalk art!

This hopscotch went all the way up to number 35!  I couldn't hop past 15!

Alright all, thanks for sticking out and reading my first post.  This summer will be fun as I will discuss CCSS activities for Language Arts, Reading, and Math, discuss the importance of "Brain Breaks" using Go Noodle (check it out NOW!), and my upcoming participation in the SLANT Box hosted by Lessons with Coffee.  Don't forget to follow me here and on Instagram! @missveeskinderkraziness  

Best wishes and kisses,

Link to the Memory Book HERE (did I mention it was FREE?) 


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