Flexible Seating HACK! DIY Stability Ball Chairs

If you follow my teaching journey on Instagram (@MissVeesKinderKraziness), you know that I recently jumped on the bandwagon of flexible seating in my kindergarten classroom and did away with most of my desks and chairs.  I blame Mr. Greg for that.  And when I say blame, I mean thank.  Seriously, I wish I had done flexible seating at the beginning of the year!  That's a story for another day, because right now I'm here to show you the most amazing hack I found on Pinterest via the Simply Kinder blog.

When I decided to do flexible seating, I gave myself a strict budget of $150 to purchase everything I needed.  I researched all about the different seating options and fell in LOVE with these fancy stability ball chairs.
Cute, but costly.
The only problem was that EACH chair ranged from $70 to $129.  Yeah, so even if I went with the cheaper option, a large chunk of my budget would have gone to just ONE chair.  I suggested yoga balls to my Principal, but he said no with good reason; the kids could fall off and hurt themselves. I completely understood since that was my fear as well.

I was so fixated on getting these yoga ball chairs in my classroom! My students needed these chairs. There had to be an cheaper alternative! After researching on Pinterest, I found a solution, and here it is folks!  Low and behold, a DIY stability ball chair for your classroom (or home school)!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  All you need are milk crates and large durable bouncy balls!  I found these colorful neon bouncy balls at Five Below for just $5 each!  It totally matches the rainbow theme in my classroom.  I "borrowed" the milk crates from the cafeteria. Cost: $0. I'm sure you can "borrow" some milk crates from your school cafeteria as well.  Total cost for these 2 chairs: $10 (plus tax)!

My kiddos L-O-V-E these new, as they call it-"bouncy ball" seats, especially my fidgety students!  I might have to go over my budget a little and buy some more bouncy balls to make a few more chairs.

I hope this helps, teacher friends!  Leave me some love in the comments if you have any flexible seating hacks of your own!  I'm always looking for creative ideas!  Have an amazing rest of the week!

Best wishes,