NYC GoNoodle Meetup!

Hey friends!  This post is photo heavy and FILLED with awesomeness!  Make sure you stick around until the end.  It'll be for a good reason, I promise!

You all know how I'm pretty much OBSESSED with GoNoodle ( and how it pretty much saved my sanity in a classroom of 27+ kindergarteners.  What's that?  You DON'T KNOW WHAT GONOODLE IS?! Good gosh!  It's a free website filled with quick, fun, interactive "Brain Break" videos suitable for school children, EVEN 8TH GRADERS! (Click here to sign up)

Last Tuesday, GoNoodle hosted a teacher meet-up in NYC.  Myself and my fellow blogger buddy, Erica Bohrer, decided to check it out, hoping to meet some more people who love GoNoodle as much as we do!

We were greeted by this lovely sign upon entering:

Yes we are! :)

...grabbed an adult beverage...

...and gawked at the awesome SWAG we were going to score at the end of the night.

The GoNoodle photo booth was available as well!  I was very excited about this because I was not able to take a photo at the Blogger Meet-up in Vegas.  But first, I had to mingle with fabulous Teacher GoNoodlers!

Erica and I (you can call us Erica Squared for short) mingled, ate some delicious food, when I heard somebody ask, "Is Hot Dog coming?"


YES!  The REAL Hot Dog!  She made a special guest appearance and we Pop See Kooed...

 ...took selfies...

...and Pop See Kooed in the GoNoodle photo booth!

Fun Fact: Hot Dog is a vegetarian. 

Erica joined in on the fun too!

Erica and I had a GoNoodle-riffic time!  

Erica Bohrer, Zap Von Doubler, and me, Ms. V!
*Hugs from Zap were free*
I know you are probably wishing you were there with us that night, so I have something to cure those "Fear of Missing Out" blues.  
How about a GIVEAWAY!?  
Or a FREEBIE?!  
How about BOTH?! 

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a GoNoodle Pencil Pouch AND a GoNoodle Champ t-shirt!

What's the freebie, you ask? Well, in my classroom, we have a designated wall that is JUST  to display our Champs certificates of the Champs we have maxed out.  I created a fun GoNoodle "Wall of Champs" Poster for you to display in YOUR classroom.  My kiddos went gaga over it and I'm sure yours will too!

Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download it!  Store name: Miss V's Kinder Kraziness.  I would really love it if you would send me pics or tag me in your pics on Instagram or Facebook of your class Wall of Champs!

Now hop on over to Erica Bohrer's blog to read about her meet-up experience, enter her GoNoodle Swag Giveaway, AND download her GoNoodle FREEBIE! It's a good one that you won't want to miss out on!

Thanks for reading!  A special thank you to Holly, Mollie, and Jeff from the GoNoodle team.  They  help make GoNoodle fun and life-changing to teachers and students alike. Next up: My GoNoodle inspired Data Wall!  Stay tuned! :-)

Best wishes & kisses,

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Popcorn Box Blog Party 2015-Candy Corn Galore!

Hey friends!  I'm back again for another HALLOWEEN themed easy DIY project!  I told you I heart Halloween so much :-)

For this wickedly cool blog party, hosted by the lovely Laura Kelly of Laura Kelly Designs, I took a plain 'ol popcorn box and up cycled it into a super cute kawaii candy corn popcorn box for the Popcorn Box Blog Party 2015!

Here is how I made my super adorable kawaii candy corn popcorn box (don't try to say that 3x's really fast):

I used painters tape to section off the popcorn box like so:

Something that I did not do but will in the future was to prime the entire box with white paint.  It will help cover the stripes.  I used Apple Barrel acrylic paint and a foam brush to paint.

 After I painted a section, I let it dry before moving on and painting the next section.  Be careful not to leave the painters tape on the box AFTER the paint dries.  If you let the tape stay on too long, when it comes time to peel it off, the paint will come with it! I painted about 4 coats for each color.

When the paint dried, I used a black marker to draw on the eyes and mouth, a dab of white paint for the eyes, and Kunin Felt  and Scotch Brand Expressive Tape for the adornments.

For the popcorn mix inside the box, I popped some microwave popcorn, threw in some mini candy corn candies, and melted and drizzled some orange colored white chocolate on top! Yummy.

Cuteness level: Infinity
Taste level: Infinity +1

Brach's Mini Candy Corn!

I had so much fun crafting my popcorn box, and I can't wait to use it as a prop for my nephews first Halloween pictures! Check out my other bloggy friends and their up cycled popcorn boxes in the links below!  AND search the hashtag #popcornboxparty2015 on Instagram as well!

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting! 

Best wishes and kisses,
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