I'm doing good on my new year's resolution! Not only have I posted more on my Instagram, I have created my FIRST TPT product! WOO-WHO! And I'm blogging about it!  DOUBLE WOO-WHO! 

It's called "Roll & Add" Addition Mat.

It all stared one day at Target (pronounced Tarjay with a French accent) while strolling through the Dollar Spot.  I came upon these adorable products for $1!  Mini erasers (robots, owls, and cupcakes) and plastic dinos and ponies!  CUTENESS OVERLOAD!  Into the cart they went.

Once I got home, I started to brainstorm how I could use this new purchase in my classroom.  ::LIGHT BULB::  AH HA! We were in the middle of our addition topic in EnVision Math and using these would def. sharpen up our addition skills!  So off to the computer I went to create an addition mat similar to the one we use in our EnVision Math program.  For all of you EnVision Math teachers, addition is Topic 7 in the kindergarten series.

Here it is!  You can download it here from my TPT store.  It' FREE! (Please be kind and leave some feedback in the comments section of my TPT store)

After printing and laminating a few copies, I couldn't wait to introduce this activity to my kiddos! 
*I highly suggest laminating the sheets so you can use a dry erase marker for repeated use.  If you don't want to laminate the sheets, you can place it in a communicator or a DIY communicator (plastic sheet protector)

The kids loved it!  They enjoyed taking turns and they ESPECIALLY loved rolling the die ALL. OVER. THE ROOM.  Even after explaining and modeling how to roll the die, some of my silly students where putting a little too much energy into rolling.  I had to come up with a solution fast, or this center was going to easily drive this teacher coo-coo!  This was the solution:

HOW CLEVER! Thank you Pinterest :)
Just place that bad boy into a tiny container, which can be easily found at the Dollar Tree!  Everything worked out magically after this.  Watch the short video of this game in action.


Here is how I stored this activity for centers.  The small containers and the hand basket are from, of course, the Dollar Tree! 

I hope you find a way to incorporate this in your lessons, even if it's for a first grade class as a beginning of the year addition refresher! 

I'M ALSO COMING UP ON 1,000 FOLLOWERS!  I've only started my IG account late last school year and I've made some really awesome Teacher Instagrammer (IGer's, haha) and Teacher Blogger friends.  The feedback I get is so encouraging and I love how my students' parents have a way to peek inside my classroom during the school day.  A HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE MY FOLLOWERS!  You all are my inspiration!  

I'm planning on doing a giveaway once I hit 1,000, but you must follow me on Instagram AND tag a friend to be entered.  I will choose a winner as soon as I hit 1,000.  You can find me on Instagram here !

Thanks for reading!  Until next time.

Best wishes & kisses,

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HI EVERYONE!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As one of my resolutions, I promised myself that I would be better at blogging...perhaps posting 2-3 posts a month, even if they are short ones!

It has been really, really, R E A L L Y hectic since the school year began.  Not only was I teaching, but I enrolled in grad school, I was planning a baby shower for the birth of my very first nephew, and trying to keep up with my daily responsibilities as a sister, daughter, cousin, and girlfriend!  WHEW! These past few months have definitely tested my organization skills.  I didn't think I'd make it through without a full mental/emotional break down, BUT I MADE IT!

There will be more posts to come: scouts honor!  In the mean time, follow my INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!  I don't struggle with keeping up with that for some reason!

Best wishes & kisses,
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