HI EVERYONE!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As one of my resolutions, I promised myself that I would be better at blogging...perhaps posting 2-3 posts a month, even if they are short ones!

It has been really, really, R E A L L Y hectic since the school year began.  Not only was I teaching, but I enrolled in grad school, I was planning a baby shower for the birth of my very first nephew, and trying to keep up with my daily responsibilities as a sister, daughter, cousin, and girlfriend!  WHEW! These past few months have definitely tested my organization skills.  I didn't think I'd make it through without a full mental/emotional break down, BUT I MADE IT!

There will be more posts to come: scouts honor!  In the mean time, follow my INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!  I don't struggle with keeping up with that for some reason!

Best wishes & kisses,
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