Monday Made It! DIY Teacher Monthly Calendar

Hey everyone!  Sorry about skipping last Monday, but I needed a bit of a break and to relax without thinking about school.  Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end and I was spending time catching up with old friends and enjoying the beautiful weather.  It was a nice week with my friends & family.

Now, back to business and linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for todays Monday Made It!  I have been admiring all your Instagram posts about Erin Condren's Life & Teacher Planners.  They are beautifully designed and I'm envious of how some of you decorate and organize them!  So adorable!  I, unfortunatly, can't seem to fit an Erin Condren planner purchase into my budget this year.  A lot of my funds went right back into my classroom and grad school (which starts September 2...EEK!).  An EC planner will have to wait until next year.

Anywho, just last night I was browsing through Instagram and TPT, and came across Mrs. Dow's Little Owls' Nest store.  OH. EM. GEE.  She creates the most aesthetically eye pleasing teacher planners that's budget friendly ($6.00!) and includes everything a regular planner includes, but with polka dots!  CUTENESS OVERLOAD!  Here is a description from her TPT store:

Weekly Planning Pages:
-Days Horizontal with notes section (Subjects Editable)
-Days Horizontal with place to put the week's objectives (Subjects Editable)
-Days Vertical (Subjects Editable)
-Days Vertical with notes section (Subjects Editable)
-Days Vertical with place to put the week's objectives (Subjects Editable)

- Holidays & Dates to Remember (with Text boxes to input your dates!)
- Student Birthdays (with Text boxes to input your students' birthdays!)
- July 2014 - June 2015 Monthly Calendars
- 1-page spread with notes page OR
- 2-page spread with 2-page note spread behind each month

-Enough rows for up to 29 Students and LOTS of columns for each 2-page spread (Also, with text boxes for you to enter your students' names)!

-Meeting Notes

Amazing right!??!  I wanted to download the planner, but my district submits lesson plans online, so having the planner wouldn't work for me.  What I DID need was a monthly calendar.  As I was searching through her store, I came across this Teacher Monthly Calendar for FREE!  AND IT HAD POLKA DOTS. AND IT WAS TEAL COLORED!  I immediately downloaded it, printed it, and ran to Staples to get it bound together.  BAM!  This adorable planner only cost me $4.98.

 *Side note: I created my own label for the front.  Personalize it!

What are you still sitting there?!  GO MAKE YOUR OWN PLANNER OR MONTHLY CALENDAR!

Mrs. Dow also has a blog; check it out here.  Don't forget to leave her feedback on her product!  She has great products and she should know how great they are!

Thanks for reading!  As always, feedback is welcomed.  Until next Monday for my last summer Monday Made It!  After that, SCHOOL BEGINS! AAHHHHH!   Now back to organizing my monthly calendar....

Best wishes & kisses,
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P.S.  Papermate Flair Pens...why did I not buy them sooner?!  L-O-V-E them!


  1. Your calendar/planner turned out great! I do love the dots.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm busy writing everything in now! :)

  2. That is a super cute planner. I love the look of the economy planners to, but a friend of mine had one last year and it wasn't quite right - so I made my own! I blogged about it!

    1. Your planner is super cute! I bought some washi tape to organize my calendar too!

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